Hi, I've got a 2017 1 piece Toelke Whip. its been shot a reasonable amount and has 2 little dings from falling off the tailgate of the ute. Asides from that its in excellent condition. Can send photos but the forum is giving me grief, ideally private message then mobile/phone communication if you're are interested or want pics/info. I bought this into the country and am the only owner.


Toelke Whip H/S (more pistol than traditional longbow grip)
64" 52# @ 29'
Texas ebony riser with Myrtle limb veneers.
Comes with fast flight string and spare endless loop string.
Will also throw in between 6-12 carbon express heritage 250's (400 spine) that I shot with the bow.
Right handed

$800 to your door.