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    PSE Full Throttle

    R/H 70# @29 - 370ibo - Recently acquired - have one and donít need two. This is a 2016 (latest model) and presents as brand new. There are no marks on the riser to suggest a sight has ever been attached- so suspect it was a shop demo bow. Black with new unused - no peep installed factory strings - last chance to own the most advanced bow ever built - the only bow at 60# that will produce the same arrow performance as a 70# 350ibo bow. Since 2016/17 The FT has no longer been produced so this is a chance to snap up an as new one - $1100 bare bow - no offers and post not included - this is NOT a newbie or beginners bow - so experienced archers only who feel they can tame the beast!! As PSE have ceased production of the FT this may be the only relatively new one available in Aust or the USA. PM for pics.

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    Gíday Johnno, does no offers exclude trades as well?, if yes no problems I understand, if not we could work a deal out on my black widow PSA plus the extra money your way. Let me know what you think.

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