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    My arrow dilemma plz help :(

    - Got my brand new Black widow PSAV 62" 53#@30" that I'm absolutely stoked with
    - I, unfortunately, have long ass arms and my draw length is 32"
    - This means I can't cut arrows down to tune them (and can only buy arrows longer than 32)
    - And my draw weight at my draw length is 62# !!!
    - I'm was hoping to have a 12-14 grains per pound arrow for hunting = 740 ~ 868 grains, preferably with high foc

    Because of the fact I cant cut arrows to tune, the gold tip FACT weight system was super attractive to me, however, because of my draw weight, none of the traditional carbons has a stiff enough spine, so I'm into compound arrow territory.
    The issue with that is a lot of shafts for the compound aren't more than 32 inches long, so my choices are very far and few between.

    After spending 2 and a half hours at the shop yesterday trying to figure it out, I eventually walked away with Easton FMJ's 12gpi 300 spine, as that was the only thing long enough, and withing rough spine I needed.

    I have glued in the 75(that can be broken off to 50) and 125, and 150-grain points fly well nock left, so my arrows are weak as, and are only 609 grains heavy, which leaves me with 9.8 gpi

    So what can I do???
    are there arrows I can buy that won't cost an arm and a leg(I've already overspent)?
    unlike gold tip, Easton don't have an adjustable nock weight system to try and stiffen my arrows back up, and increase arrow weight, at the cost of FOC however.

    The fjm's take an eastern x nock, I'm thinking of maybe buying some eastern brass inserts and gluing them in the nock end. would this fix my problem?
    or if there's an alternative arrow

    Thanks heaps, Nelson.
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    For the arrows I would use a long alloy footing. Adds weight up front for the high FOC you want plus it gives you a tuning option. By having a long footing you decrease the flexible portion of the shaft, effectively making it stiffer without making the arrow shorter. Bit like a 'trad overdraw'.
    Start with a long footing like 6" and hope for stiff result. As you draw the footing onto the shelf the greater diameter will change the center shot a little giving you a stiffer reaction too. If you use hot melt glue you can take the footing off and trim it and then glue it back on and try again. When your done tuning and know what to build you can glue up the rest with epoxy if you want.
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    Lots of 250 spine arrows out there or 2317 alloys which i think are longer then 32 hope it helps Thanks shane
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    Mate it's a journey but I haven't cut arrows for a few years in setting up arrows for recurve and long bow. A 600 grain arrow is plenty heavy enough to kill pigs, goats and deer. 250 spine is the way to go, just buy a couple and once you find the right arrow and weight buy big and don't change.
    Cheers Bruce

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