Widowmaker Flex has been tested and is surpassing all expectations....super strong 3.2mm ID shaft with the ability to add weights to create a shaft with nearly any FOC you want....you can check them out on Facebook Widowmaker Group and U Tube channel "Mick Baker".....

Taking preorders via www.widowmakerarchery.com
Huge Deal on Preorder sales.

Bakers Doz (get 13 arrows for the price of 12)
Plus first 50 doz orders get a ticket per dozen in a draw for a dozen 100gr 2 blade solids.

New Titanium or Alloy 7075 outserts with weight system and the all new OPN (Over Pin Nock)

Pre Orders for 300 Spine only with other spines coming.

Once 30 preorders have been requested delivery is expected 4-5 weeks after the 30 doz preorders....

Any questions please pm me.