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Thread: Fix the forum?

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    Fix the forum?

    Haven't been on here for a while and the forum seems like it's in full ghost town mode now apart from the pm'ed links for those smutty websites, Ive checked out quite a few "other" hunting forums in 2019 and they just plain **** me to tears, we really did have a good thing going on here once, I've still got no urge join Facebook and it's not that I can really afford it but I'm putting my hand up anyways to pay to get the ABF fixed if it's possible, or can we start a new one and have some of the info transferred over? Not sure how it all works but Im keen as to see it resolved, reckon it's been long enough now.
    Regards Rhino
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    Dunno, reckon it's just a couple of us still hanging around. Like you I'm never heading over to facestalk/instafamous.

    I think the horse has bolted and even if it got 'fixed' properly, it would take a huge amount of work to get it humming again if it's possible. Forums come and go like everything in life, some last longer than others which kinda sucks if it's one you've invested time/energy/whatever in being part of. Of the dozen or so I've really been part of only one has lasted a long time (<15 years now I'd guess) and still going strong. Why? Dunno cos it's almost as niche as bowhunting.
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    Fix the forum?

    Yeah I get what your saying but there is definitely a place for an Australian based bowhunting forum that works. Broosters post in general has had 4000 views in a very short amount of time and that tells me there's a need for it. In this day and age it's more important than ever, to be able to have a common place available for the Australian bowhunting community.

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    Fix the forum?

    Problem is as far as I can tell no admins have server access..?
    Until that can be sorted money isn't going to fix it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fragarach View Post
    Problem is as far as I can tell no admins have server access..?
    Until that can be sorted money isn't going to fix it..

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    haven't the admins thrown in the towel, when was the last time a member of admin posted something?
    who are they again?
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    Rhino, I also threw my hat in the ring to step up and do everything I could to get this site up to what it can be, should be, or at least once was. I was met with hurdles and ZERO assistance from any admin. It fully seemed to me that it is ‘theirs’ and they don’t want to pass the reigns over.
    Good luck to you mate. I hope the horse hasn’t bolted but I believe that it has. I simply gave up wanting to help.
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    Used to be my first go to, shame really
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    Fix the forum?

    Yeah it's a real shame. It was what allowed me to get started a few years ago, there's no way I could have put it all together without the forum. I'd love to see it come back to life. Perhaps we need to let this one die, and start a new one without the baggage from old admins getting in the way.???

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    Agreed this was once a great place to chat and catch up and ask for advice, stories or even buy some gear now its just died and a few of us stragglers hang on and keep checking back here every now and then to see nothing has changed
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    Agree with the sentiments,it’s a real shame
    If anyone starts up a new forum let us know,I’m sure it would be popular
    Cheers Dave
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