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    Boo backed cypress longbow

    Finished up a boo backed cypress board bow a few days ago. Pulls 50# @ 28" an is 69" nock to nock. Feels quick, and shoots a 525gr arrow nice and fast.

    Boo and cypress picket were from bunnings, but I used composite epoxy because I have it and it needs using, and clamped up using a vacuum saver. Has taken a bit of string follow, but not bad for about $25 between boo culm and cypress picket and I can still build at least one more.



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    Aw bro I'm loving this, seeing this little project made my day, full points for taking the plunge and giving the cypress a crack.
    How does it draw and shoot, is it sluggish or snappy?
    Good on ya Steve, all the best Rhino
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    Thanks rhino, this was inspired by a few other cypress/boo bows on the ‘other’ site. Made very low tech except the glue but a titebond 3 etc. would have worked as well. It does hold a bit of string follow so I’ll put in a bit of reflex next time during glue up.

    Only tools were hand held belt sander and diy card scraper so really anyone could do it! That gizmo I linked elsewhere made it soooo much easier to tiller, I was able to creep up on d/l and weight rather then jump all over the place doing it by hand.

    Limbs might be a little out in timing because it’s got a little bit of hand shock. Other than that it’s quiet and quick and I’d take it hunting tomorrow.

    Just got to get my z-splicing up to scratch and I can start on some Osage billets.

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    Very impressive,anything hand made is much more appealing than something mass produced in my opinion
    Congrats Dave

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