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    Group Hunt 2019 video

    Finally got around to putting everyones videos and pictures together from the group hunt in Cape York 2019.
    Dont hesitate to share the link within your own circles, as not as many members able to get on here anymore.
    If the link dosnt work, or you are not one to follow links, search ABF group hunt 2019 in youtube.

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    Great effort Clint, looks great, well done

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    Thanks Clint it was cool to look at
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    Group Hunt 2019 video

    Well done, awesome job pretty cool to watch and remember so many great memories, especially all the MOTORCAR bits🤣

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    Thanks guys.

    Im guessing that there will be no 2020 group hunt due to the pandemic, we might be a bit restricted as to our free travel for 6 or more months.
    Also sad that the forum is broken with little hope of repair.

    Anyways looking to the future and 2021 who would be keen to attend?
    There are the tried and tested Tenterfied and Guyra options.
    Or perhaps someone knows someone that would allow access to the forum for a hunt?

    Anyone got any leads or ideas?

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