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Thread: DIY NZ thar

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    DIY NZ thar

    Hi Everyone, I'm after some advice. Looking at planning a thar trip across the ditch in 2021. Any advice on travel, getting capes and horns home, accommodation, car hire, ballots and hunting that in general would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks Dylan
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    hi mate
    I just got back before the corvid 19 madness from a nz.

    I used apex for car hire $230 for a week

    horns and antlers can be brought back to oz easily as long as they are cleaned from dirt, meat blood ect.
    Untanned skins can be brought back too, you just need to get a health certificate. Before you fly to take the capes to the MPI to be checked and pay the fee.
    heres some more info https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/Bic...tVersionID=195

    this site is pretty cool shows all the huts and some game info https://huntingspots.co.nz

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