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    How to Tune Your Bow

    This is a link to the Easton tuning guide. It has everything you need to know about tuning your bow. Remember it is here as a reference

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    most of the exact info and pics came in my bow guide!
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    I keep trying to tune my bow but the spark plug keeps fouling.
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    Wow, it seems really complicated. How do you get that down when you have never touched a bow before?
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    Slowly work your way through it, and read a fair bit. I'm an archery newbie and got it all down fine. Just get your head around it first. There is also lots of info on here worth following, and some vids that are very helpful. One in particular, but I can't remember its name. It is linked on here and i know I posted in the thread its in, I think I linked it on here. If you search through my posts on tuning you might find it.

    Its enjoyable to learn all this I reakon
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    I think the link is not working anymore. This might be the new one: http://www.eastonarchery.com/downloads/tuning-guide
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    For those that might want to use this resource the latest edition is here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serum76 View Post
    For those that might want to use this resource the latest edition is here:


    Much better in regards to compounds than the original but still a bit behind what is now known about the tuning process.
    The information for trad shooters has always been good.
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    None of the links seem to work for me and only tuning guide I could get from their site search was on arrows.
    Anyone got good guide links for a newby like me.
    Day 1 I was smashing my ball target at 10m.
    Day 2 just practiced form with out firing and reduced the draw length as my head had to go lower to see through peep.
    Today could draw it easier and hit the ball at 5m steps out to 25m.
    Was happy and soon will increase draw weight and then work on sight pins.
    Anyone have good beginer thread links from here.
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