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    Free to Good Home

    This thread will be dedicated to those who wish to let something go at no cost to another member of the forum. People can set their own guidelines as to who they will give the goods to and it is the donors perogative as to how and who they choose to give it to.

    It is a great avenue for people to give something away that sits around doing nothing and get it into the hands of someone who really needs it, like a young member with no cash or a new starter who needs to stock up on gear to get hunting with.

    All postage details are to be set by the donor of goods and if you miss out on an item then so be it. No complaints will be tolerated as people are giving away items out of the goodness of their heart and if you are lucky enough to be a recipient, then obviously a note of gratitude will go a long way. People might also like to post up a picture of the goods they receive being used in the field.

    Thank you all and we are really looking forward to seeing the tremendous support that we have within our bowhunting ranks.
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    I will start.

    BowJax II light weight string silencers. Unused in box.

    An alternative to brass clip-on speed nocks for your string. pics to follow.

    edit: i am in Melb.
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    ok i have a wood tapering tool yellow 5/15 - 5', cant find the blue 1 and some crossbow inserts for the backs of arrows where the strind hits, got me stuffed what they are call, you pay postage
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    Easton aluminum inserts, suit 2315 or 2317. They are the standard ones, 38.5 gr.

    Come in packs of 12, I think I have 48.
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    Old-ish 3 pin Cobra sight. Frame is cracked.

    It's a decent one, pins are quite bright -- and would suit a beginning archer.


    [pic deleted]

    Bowjax, from earlier post (post #2)


    [pic deleted]
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    Also older Cobra single pin sight. Would suit someone who wanted to try out the 'single pin thing', and upgrade later to a HHA or better.

    [pic deleted]
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    Both sights gone-ski.
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    Bowjax gone.

    Only inserts remain
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    Those who emailed (or PM'd) me about taking the single pin or the 3-pin sights, could you pls let me know what is going on?

    I want to know whether you are sending me postage, or not.
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    Easton xx75 camo hunter in 2317

    Another day, another freebie

    -Easton XX75 Camo Hunter in 2317-

    EDIT: Gone.
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