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    Hi All,

    Time for a small clean out of some items that I would rather go to the up and coming juniors if that is cool with everyone.
    All of these items will be obviously posted free also.

    1. Cartel Blue RH three tube side quiver with release aid pouch. Attachment 23535 (GONE)
    2. Cobra Pink velcro release aid. Attachment 23536 (GONE)
    3. Bow quiver, 6 arrow, brand unknown with mounting screws also. Attachment 23537 (GONE)

    Hope to find a good home for these to help out some of the kids.


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  2. Free to Good Home

    Hi all I have a stack of bowhunting downunder magazines (15-20) that I will never read again.
    I'm moving house so if anybody in Perth wants to come and pick them up feel free to get in touch. I live in Swan View.

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  3. Hi Guys,
    I've got some stuff to get rid of.

    Wrist sling- got it for free and don't use it
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by downunderhunter View Post
    Hi Guys,
    I've got some stuff to get rid of.

    Scott release aid- velcro strap has snapped but if your good with a needle and thread you could easily have a backup release aid, just don't have a need for it anymore.

    Wrist sling- got it for free and don't use it

    Also got a tru glow versa peep - never been opened

    Set of 70# pound limbs for a 2012 and twelve bear anarchy - bear sent me two replacement sets.
    40540767_2088557314502335_4677432321232601088_n.jpgAttachment 27472Attachment 27473Attachment 27477
    Pm sent keen on scott release
    hunting the new england
  5. Pm’d You
  6. release aid and peep are gone
  7. Free to anyone whos after a fletching jig
    Comes with bohning vanes
    Jo-jan brand
    Pick up only - Hornsby
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  8. Hi everyone I have wooden bow case that I made a while ago it's a bit bulky to cart around but good for storing your bow in the shed or something.
    Bow pictured is 32inch ata.
    Free to anyone in Perth.
    Please call or text 0408392945
    thanks Scott.IMAG1290.jpgIMAG1290.jpgIMAG1292.jpgIMAG1293.jpg
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