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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben M View Post
    Gtac ...
    pm me ur address ....

    all gone lads !
    pm sent thanks
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    all mailed out today lads .. apols for the delay
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    Shooting glove to give away.

    I bought this glove to try, but don't like it and prefer a tab. It's an extra large size and is in as new condition. Anyone want it?


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    I will take it for my son mate.

    6'3" and growing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlocke View Post
    I will take it for my son mate.

    6'3" and growing.
    No worries. PM me the postal address and I'll sent it.
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    Ive got a brand new but slightly damaged small Damascus glove if anyone has a need for it slip me a pm please.
    It is fully functional and will last well but I just cant sell it as new

    Gone thanks
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