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    For larger game, I use the Slick Trick Standard or now since I have acquired the Magnums, these. They are a deadly little 4-blade which is easy to disassemble and sharpen, but locks together very well. I have started to cull out all my old broadheads (hence my earlier post with free toxics) and Slick Tricks, the SGHs, the rubber blunts and these , all in 100gn, are the only ones I am keeping. The Stinger Magnus I haven't had opportunity to use yet but I will be using against pigs in the near future.
    So depending on what you're hunting, these are the options I would be going for. Unfortunately none are free, but if you like I will ask around and see if any of my contacts is doing a similar clean-out.
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    Free to Good Home

    To good home, HHA Optimizer lite Speed Dial (x-bow) in retail case. Trijicon SRS clone red dot holographic laser aim-point, bonus stray rail. Your both eyes open x1 magnif aim-point on a dial-up range solution. Sight in, set yardage tape and your falloff compensation is good to go.

    All up maybe $500 in the pot (approx.).

    Snipe ferals and keep their pack guessing.

    First pm takes pkg - recommend have a crossbow restricted weapon permit on deployment. Flag pm sent in this thread.

    Merry x-mas
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    Mate l would love to take the optimizer.
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    Lemme check inbox brb ;

    Grats Brad! Check inbox I need your shipping info.

    I'm sending the lot, the aim-point is a good paperweight if nothing else.
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    I am new to the bow hunting thing, as a matter of fact I don't even have the momey for a bow yet. Can you please let me know if someone is feeling generous.
    Thankyou very much Isaac.
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