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    Forum Posting Rules and Guidelines - New Members Please Read These Before Posting

    Forum Posting Rules and Guidelines

    Please read these rules and guidelines before posting. New Members please read these rules a make your post noting you have read them before posting on the general forum.

    Here at the Australian Bowhunting Forum we like to think that people can come here and discuss all things bowhunting and maintain a certain amount of respect for our fellow bowhunters.

    In order to create a forum where people can feel free to express their views without taking it to the gutter so to speak, we ask that you adhere to the following standards in order to make this site a great place to visit for people of all ages and backgrounds.

    1. No swearing. This includes using substitutes for letters in order to express a swear word

    2. No racism. We will not condone any form of racial abuse or villification and infractions will be given against those who abuse this rule

    3. No religious talk. Religion is always a touchy subject and we are here to discuss bowhunting, not what forms someones cultural beliefs

    4. We ask that political arguments are also kept off the site, unless the topic being discussed is bowhunting related and affects our way of life as bowhunters

    5. No blatant sexual inuendo or direct conversations about sex. We will also not allow pictures of scantily clad women or links to inappropriate websites, pictures or movies. This a family oriented site which is visited by both women and young children and we wish to keep these sorts of derogatory posts off the boards

    6. Know your topic. In order to make the site as educational as possible, we ask that you post only when you know the answer to a question or topic being posted. Replies that begin with, "I haven't done this before, or I think the answer is this," for example, will be deleted and no pm's will be exchanged to explain why. The aim of the site is to educate and inform people on all things bowhunting and as a resource we need make sure that the correct information is getting out there

    7. Constant negativity and niggling from people will be policed and if a certain member is continuously deliberately being negative against others, or insulting and provoking, they will face time on the sidelines and eventual banning if their behaviour does not improve

    8. Threats and abuse to other forum members, be it on the forum or in a pm, will not be tolerated. We ask that these issues are raised with the management team in order to get them resolved. Continued abuse of this rule will result in banning

    9. Selling products in the Classifieds. We ask that you give factual information as to the product you are selling. If you are found to have taken money and have not delivered goods, you will be banned. Private members can sell whatever they wish on the site, but any businesses, manufacturers or stores that wish to use the classifieds to sell their wares, must be a sponsor in some shape or form before they have the privilege to do this

    10. Unsolicited advertising will not be tolerated. If you are a business, manufacturer or store then you must come to an agreement with the management team before you can advertise your wares anywhere on the site. Up until that agreement is reached, these types of posts will be deleted. You may have a link in your signature, but anything other than that will have to be given approval

    11. Posting pictures. We will not allow any photos of game with arrows left in them, unless it is strictly for educational purposes and the decision to leave these types of pictures up will lie directly with the management team. Pictures that are deemed to have too much blood in them will also be deleted. Remember that all pictures these days can be photoshopped and there are plenty who can help in removing blood from photos

    12. Mentioning wounded or lost game will not be accepted on the site, unless management deems it acceptable, eg: a thar falling down a cliff, educational in its presentation or the likes. We know that they can happen on rare occasions, but they are best kept to yourself

    13. Competitions are run by the site management, unless special dispensation is given to a member to run one of their own. Any competitions that are on the site that have not been given management approval, will be deleted. All competitions are judged by the management team and the decisions on who wins them are final

    14. The mentioning or story telling of illegal hunting practices will not be tolerated on the site. This is a public forum and if you mention illegal activities, then you will leave yourself open to litigation. We will delete any such posts and you will be pm'd and warned. We will also not tolerate the mentioning of the use of illegal drugs or activities that are non bowhunting related

    15. Impersonating another member to make posts will not be tolerated and will result in instant banning

    Thank you all, from the Management Team
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    well thought out...
    Pat McNamara
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    Very professional :)
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    I'm sorry guys but how many posts do I need before I can send a pm? I couldn't find it any where. Cheers.
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    How to PM

    I have attached a picture to best describe
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    I have been away for a few weeks and have missed quite a bit of the goings on on the site, though I have come back to a few complaints around people's posting behaviour on the site, and have seen some of it myself now, that is quite contrary to our posting rules and guidelines.

    Please do remember that this is a family site meant for the education of our fellow archers and also for us to share in the love of what we do. I ask you all to please read over the rules again so that it is clear as to what will and will not be tolerated on the forum boards and please then try to adhere to them.

    Also if people do have issues with things they have seen that may have been missed by the management, then do not hesitate to pm one of us so that we can take care of it and clean it up.

    If you find your posts being deleted or infractions being given, then please think first of the guidelines before you get upset as to why action may have been taken.

    We are all hear for the same reason and that is to share in the love for our bows. Do not drag our pastime into the gutter and keep posts relevant and clean.

    Thank you on behalf of the ABF Managament team.
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    Noted, thanks
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    Roger that
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    Nice Antonio,i have noticed that there has been some negative comments about Gay People and Refugees which i was surprised to see.
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    South Australia (unfortunately)
    Ack out
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