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    I decided not to go as there was not advertising of the content. There needs to be more than a diner for the famous of past years on the agenda. I logged onto the website and it appeared as though the diner was the 'hall of fame' was the sole purpose...

    Organisationally, Archery needs a shake up and it appears the Archery Alliance isn't up to it. Just my point of view from the outside. Perhaps we need to register the ABF and affiliate with Sporting Shooters Association of Australia in each state. One membership fee nationally, $78.

    I'm off topic now so I'll go back to looking for a good place to get my first deer with a bow!

    Gee Wizz.Knock the Sport you participate in for the sake of an advert about the Expo.People like Pat travelled from FNQ to support the show.I flew from Perth last year for it and many flew from Darwin.
    Yes there are problems with all sports-I think Archery could use a good man like you on a Committee say the ABA ,I look forward in voting for you in the next committee elections.
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    Guys -Good Job for the Expo
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    The event was by far quiet compared to previous years, But it was a great time with great archers and bowhunters, I had a ball. Put some more faces to names and got to have a great catch up with sporting associates of like mind.

    The seminars were fantastic, and the Hall of fame dinner had a great atmosphere and meals.

    Three bowhunters won trips of lifetimes, one of them me, look out cape Buffalo.

    Personally I'd like to thank our Pat.

    Pat McNamara
    Bowhunters Lodge
    For his donated hunt.


    Louis Fouche & Kevin Yates
    African Hornbill Safari
    For there donated hunt.

    And a big thanks to the whole Archery Expo and AAHOF team for putting it all together in a testing year.
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    I'd also like to thank Pat.
    I was the lucky winner of that hunt and I will surely be putting a story up here for all of you afterwards.

    It's a great thing to be able to catch up with so many of the people who put so much time and effort into this lifestyle.
    Can't wait till next year :)
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    yes guys was a bit quieter then previous,but great to catch up with the other bowhunters..
    steve glad a keen bowhunter one the buckle comp.raised good coin for the association.

    also i was lucky enough to win the african hunt,a big thanks to louie,,,

    and well done to Adam who donated a good chuck of coin and scored also a top hunt with louie/hornbill safaris.

    be good to work out a win win so all us bowhunters can get together each year..

    well done to all the other business/bowhunters who again supported the event..

    good hunting blokes

    Pat McNamara
    guided bowhunting safaris
    photo album

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    I'm not knocking the sport or the people, I have a great deal of respect for those who travelled and support bowhunting. My expectations were probably too high, I've organised international and regional conference over the years and one of the key items in any pre-event is to let people know what is on, where and when. And send them home with a clear positive memory of the experience of attending, so they come back wanting more. Create the buzz out in the target group pre the event and deliver it. Without an agenda or schedule of presentation streams, there was no information buzz out here in the bowhunting community, that I could tell.

    I would have had a stream on Olympic selection processes, disabled archers, 3D rules, bow manufacturers from the US, Cams adjustment and cam types, Arrow manufacturers from Korea/US (arrow physiology/behaviour), workshops on how to make strings, anatomy of various game, hygiene in the field with your game down, what is and how to spine test an arrow, fletching workshops (spiral or not), Physiotherapists on how not to injure yourself, massage fro bowhunters, etc...You start organising the next one as you wrap up the current one, how can we do it better next time is first question the day after the event is finished!

    Some quick personal thoughts as I sip some smooth Grappa at the kitchen table. As I said previously I'm not a member of any of the archery association as they don't offer anything that I want and are too damed 'deer' for what they offer. I get very useful information from this forum and the people involved in it...
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    Compared with last years EXPO it was a disappointment . I think that the criticism should be at the major suppliers of our archery gear. They expect us to buy equipment that has not been made available to be seen or checked out. The major archery companies should get involed with this great EXPO they should have equipment that can be demonstrated and that potential customers can use .We should aiso thank the fantastic groups that made the huge effort to be at this years EXPO . I attended some of the semminars which were very interesting. Again I would like to thank all the exhibitors that made the huge effort to get there. ARCHERY COMPANYS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER TO HELP THE SPORT
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    grappa eh wayne home made lol?
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