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    Yeah I've never read anything on it since I joined so I guess it never even got started
    75#@29.5" Martin ML-10 longbow "The WytchStyk" now a takedown
    72#@29.5" Mongolian horsebow from china
    Samick deer master w/ 35# & 55# limbs
    Opinions are like a#$holes everyone has one
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    I would love to see it back in cerculation and would be in for a hunt with it .
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    We have a new bow called Bowmerang !! Comming soon.
    Its a brand new 50lb 3 peace take down recurve and a very big thanks to
    Mountainside Bow Hunting Supplies. http://www.mountainsidebowhunting.com.au/
    Thanks Mat.

    Living a dream now!
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    First hunt with Bowmerang and missed a fox at 5 yards and lost my arrow. BOO HOO!Attachment 18928
    Going again in the morning and will report tomorrow.
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    The Adventures of Bowmerang

    Tough luck mate, only a matter of time, when we going to get one going for us lefties?
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    Hahaha tell me all about it Ben. I was just thinking that the other day!! Keen. Ive got another 8 or so months before my longbow is here from the US so i could definitely have a play with one in the meantime!
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    Probly flogged your right arm out!😅😅😅lol

    Living a dream now!
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    Your eye sight getting the better of you Cap? ;)
    Good to see it out already. I'm sure it will be christened very soon in your hands
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    Finally first successful hunt with Bowmerang, and no it's not a record!
    Attachment 18933

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