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    Bowmerang Revisited

    Have placed a post in the bowhunting stories section for bowmerang. please if you have any comments on the concept of bowmerang, place them here. We would like to keep the bowmerang thread in the stories section for the reports and comments of those reports. Thank you on behalf of the management team.

    The tradition of this forum and the Bowmerang is kicking off again. For those of you who do not know what this is about, when TBGA was going, we had a recurve bow that was passed around between forum members all over Australia and then the people who got their hands on it took it for a hunt, stump shoot, a day on the range or just a bit of target practice. These people then put a post up in the Bowmerang thread before passing the bow on to the next member on the list and the journey of the bow continued.

    The tradition of Bowmerang was started by Kimall, one of our highly esteemed members who donated the bow and introduced the concept to the forum and it was a former moderator, Scott Goodwin who came up with the name the Bowmerang. That bow carried a great amount of history and the many stories that went with were sadly lost when we lost TBGA.

    After several requests and questions about what happened to Bowmerang when we lost the old site, we have decided to kick off the adventure once again. This time around we will have a different bow and a set of rules to follow that we expect people to adhere to.

    If we don't stick by the rules then it will all fall in a heap. We had to revive Bowmerang several times last time around, as it sometimes spent way too much time with a single person, so please, if you are going to commit yourself to having the bow for a stint, then please be serious about it and ensure that it gets passed on in the allotted time you are given with it.

    The bow this time around will be a Stalker Custom Recurve 'Surge' model. www.stalkerrecurves.com

    South Cox, maker of Stalker Bows, based in Fortuna in northern California, has been kind enough to give us this bow and it is a sweet, sweet shooter. The bow is 62" long and 58#@28", so a massive thanks must go to him for being a part of it all.

    Mounted on the bow will be a high quality Marksman Quiver, so you will not have to worry about carrying your arrows. www.marksmanquivers.com Mark Pitts, maker of Marksman Quivers, has also been kind enough to donate a quiver to the cause, so many thanks go to him also.

    It is great to see our forum sponsors giving their bit to our bowhunting community.

    The rules for getting your hands on the bow are as follows. Please take the time to read them closely before you decide to commit to having a go with it:

    • This bow and the quiver remains the property of the forum and it must be passed around with all the parts in tact as you received them.

    • You must respect the bow and treat it as your own. You must try your utmost to keep it in the condition that you receive it in.

    • The bow will be passed around each month, so that people who receive it will have it for four weeks before passing it on again.

    • Once the bow has been passed on, it is expected that the last user will put up a post and pictures in this Bowmerang thread about your experiences with it. The bow can be used for hunting, stump shooting, target practice, a club shoot or a day on the range, it is entirely up to you. the post can be a story or simply a bit of feedback on your opinion of the bow itself.

    • All postage will be at the cost of the person who is sending it on. If you wish to be a part of it, then please be prepared that you will be paying for it to be posted to the next person on the list. (A pm will be sent to you of the address that you will need to send it to)

    • Arrows will not be included with the bow. You will have to source your own arrows. Advice can be garnered from other users and experienced trad guys from the site. We will have a recommendation on what shaft spine and weight will work best before the bow gets sent out.

    • To be on the list, you must pm your name and a month that will suit. If you have several months that will suit then that will be great so we can organise it around people's availability. If you have a special hunt planned then let us know that as well. It will be on a first in first served basis. Once your name is confirmed on the list, you will need to pm us your postal details and we will keep a list that only the management team will be able to view.

    *Please note that this is a traditional bow and as such we do not recommend that it gets taken on a hunt by inexperienced hands who are not efficient with a traditional bow in their hands beforehand. Please practice with it and be proficient before you attempt to take any game with it.

    Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a hunt report with the bow, as many people just like shooting different bows and writing about whatever you do with the bow will be fine, just as long as you have fun whilst doing it, send it on and share your experience with us.

    We are very much looking forward to hearing about the bows travels and it will be a great thing for our community to share in. Once the list is compiled, the Bowmerang journey will commence once again.
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    have seven people so far signed up for bowmerang so get on board and be a part of making a little forum community fun
    Not all deer make the record book, but they all make mine

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    I would love to be part of this igreat dea any month is fine for me.
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    I would love to be part of this great idea any month is fine for me.
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    Thats a great idea ...
    But me down if you would please.
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    Just dropping a quick one here to see how this program is coming along?
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    Wouldn't mind having a crack at it one day as well if it's still a goer!!

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    Awesome idea!!!!!

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