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    Dr John Walmsley-the original anti-Green conservationist

    For those who never heard of him, a bit of an old article about an Aussie legend who didn't just talk about conservation over machiattios and lattes in Paddington or Toorak before voting Green once every 3 years, but put his money where his mouth was, a dead cat where his head was, got out there, fenced off huge tracts of land, eradicated ferals and bred back endangered native fauna successfully.

    As the article points out, so called "animal liberationists" took him to court for shooting feral cats within his sanctuary, the result being, he wore a skinned cat as a hat and the ensuing publicity had the laws changed so we could all enjoy ridding the continent of cats :)

    Retired now, but I reckon he would have welcomed bowhunters anyday.
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    Yeah I remember seeing him on burkes backyard.

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