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    Montec vs. Striker vs. T3 vs. Rage

    Before I head out to Severn River Park on Tuesday, I thought I better check my gear and try some new broadheads. I was going to test every 10m out to 50m as this is my comfortable shooting range.

    The test equipment was as follows:
    Hoyt Rampage 60lb , Suffolks Strings and Cables
    Tru Glo Micro Extreme 5 Pin
    Hoyt/QAD Ultra HD Rest
    Fuse 10" Blade
    G5 Meta Peep
    Tru Ball Beast Release
    Easton FMJ 500 29" w/NAP Quikfletch

    The heads is was testing were:
    G5 Montec
    G5 Striker
    G5 T3
    Rage 3 Blade
    All 100gr

    The Results:
    The G5 Montec flew straight as a die right out of the box, all the way out to 50m. True field piont accuracy. Good penetration, still sharp.
    The G5 Striker again straight right out of the box. Better penetration than the Montec.
    The Rage 3 Blade was straight and true out of the box, good penetration but a little noisy during flight. I did have to make a small adjustment beyond 25m to bring it back to centre.
    The G5 T3 penetration was by far the best, and the quietest of the expandables. They impacted the same as the Rage.

    From my testing I think I'm going to have to go with the either the T3 or Striker. I'll post my live results (fingers crossed) when I return from Larry's next week.

    Cheers for now.
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    Hey mate,
    What were the penno tests done on?
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    A solid foam block I have, each head was tested on a fresh piece to ensure consistency.
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    Sounds like you got a good setup mate, and sounds like its going to be an enjoyable week ahead and the fallow will make it frustrating lol.

    Can't wait to hear about it and maybe some pics eh.....
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    Good luck, should be starting to cool down a bit, so you should be in for a good time.
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    Never used a sharper straight out the box broadhead than the striker

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