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    Samick recurve string replacement

    Hi does anyone own a samick sage or any samick and has changed their string to a better one?

    i want a better string and was just wondering what string i should get?
    i want one that isnt too tough on the limbs and is the right sort of string for the bow any suggestions?

    i want to buy 1 from Australia not overseas
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    Get in touch with Mark from

    Or John from AMSO Archery Supplies -
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    Great Sage review here from Pete Ward:

    You'll notice he recommends a DF 97 -10 strand Flemish with padded loops to 16 strands. In reality it should accept any 62"AMO length Fastflight string which from what I have read, will result in great shooting characteristics & smooth out a lot of vibration. I would definitely put some puffs on the string to quiet it a little more.

    I had some D-10 strings custom made for my Predator & my Hoyt & they are awesome fast n smooth.

    This review also has some great info on some good brace height starting points.

    Have fun, I really wanna pick up a Sage one of these days, I reckon they are gonna have a bit of cult following in years to come. I also heard that Samick was considering releasing some more limb options in the future (Longbow or 64"Curve, cant quite remember where I read it)
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    Thanks for the help ill order string soon when i order the string do i just go by what it says on the limb it says 62 inch is that the actual string size? or is that just the info of how long the bow is from top to bottom?
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    Best idea is to measure the string that you already have - that's a better indication
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    Thats the AMO length which is the overall length UN-STRUNG from string groove to string groove.

    Actual string length for the Sage will be 3-4"shorter loop to loop with a Fastflight string so about a 58-59"actual length string that you'll be able to tune it to optimum brace height with a few twists here & there.

    Most retail strings these days are sold AMO length so if you order a 62AMO string it should be the correct 3-4"shorter.

    If you go custom made, I would request 59"actual length.

    The string you already have I think might be dacron which tends to have more stretch in it so it might be slightly different to the 3-4" that you would require for a low stretch string like that of fastflight materials?

    In addition, these threads I found might help you decide:

    More experienced guys than me may want to jump in with some advice too. Hope it helps
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    got a samick phantom recurve got rid of the string that come with the bow and made a flemish twist string for it had that string on it now for 2 years

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