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Thread: Samick Bows

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    Samick Bows

    Does anyone use the newer model Samick bows such as the Squall recurve and the Raider longbow,and if so are they any good? I've used all sorts of high end bows in the past,but I still find my old martin longbow is my favorite so I'm not a bow snob,and at the moment the price and the looks of some of the newer Samicks is pretty appealing.So if anyone has any useful info on them please let me know your input would be appreciated :)
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    I received a new Samick Birdseye Bullet in the mail last week but can't shoot it until a finger cut heals up. It looks and draws like a nice bow but until I actually shoot it I won't know for sure. The quality looks pretty good for the money but it is not finished quite as well as the top customs.
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    Big Pete the first recurve i bought was a samick squall, it drew like a dream and for me shot like a dream, it was a great bow to begin trad with ill admit. at that time i didnt have much coin and didnt wanna spend heaps on a bow, so when i found a squall on ebay brand new i jumped at it as a gamble. i found it to be one of the best bows i have shot. tough as nails, looks great and for the price how can you go wrong. i successfully downed a **** load of animals with great arrow flight and clean pass throughs. i almost bought a second one for the price. goodluck

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