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    That's excellent! with the amount of money governments pour into national parks it's about time they were opened up to more recreational users. I'd like to know what NP's currently spend annually on feral animal control. baiting, trapping and aerial shooting in the Western regions alone would be costing a fortune yet pigs and goats are in almost plague proportions at present!

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    Anyone I talk to who works or has worked for NPWS all say they are starved of funds. Most of the funding goes to the maintenance of the tourist facilities. Next to none for scientific research. Good luck if you if you want be become a NPWS ranger. When was the last time NPWS appointed a new ranger full-time. Not enough is being spent in my opinion, NPWS are an easy target for budget cuts.
    Just compare the funds spent in NZ on National Parks to what is spent here in NSW. DOC do great work in conservation because they have the budget. I think we need a culture change here to be more in line with NZ public attitude towards hunting. To do that we need the NPWS to see bow hunters as a benefit to their goals in conservation, which is logical to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glennmac View Post
    Yeh probably by all the game council employees
    Can't help agreeing with you there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by K.Williams View Post
    didn't know they where closed .lol :D
    Hah! thats pure gold!

    Well done Shooters and Fishers Party...

    There is some regret that we couldn't attain the same good result through the benefits of hunting ferals in its own right and promotion of a good practice instead of winning it through political blackmail...


    Now is a chance to lift the profile of hunting and its benefits to the bush..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor Willis View Post
    Yep I read that myself, but what Parks name them?
    on the National Parks Association website.......

    National Parks

    Central NSW
    Abercrombie River National Park
    Turon National Park
    Coolah Tops National Park
    Warrumbungle National Park
    Goulburn River National Park

    New England Tablelands
    Bald Rock National Park
    Nowendoc National Park
    Basket Swamp National Park
    Piliga East National Park
    Boonoo National Park
    Piliga West National Park
    Gibraltar Range National Park
    Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

    South Coast and Highlands
    Benambra National Park
    Tallaganda National Park
    Brindabella National Park
    Woomargama National Park
    Kosciuszko National Park (excluding ski fields)
    Morton National Park
    Wadbilliga National Park
    South East Forests National Park

    Outback NSW
    Goonoo National Park
    Paroo-Darling National Park
    Gundabooka National Park
    Yanga National Park
    Mallee Cliffs National Park
    Murray Valley National Park

    Northern Rivers
    Yabbra National Park
    Nightcap National Park
    Richmond Range National Park

    Hunter/Mid North Coast
    Dorrigo National Park
    Watagans National Park
    Myall Lakes National Park
    Barrington Tops National Park

    Nature Reserves

    Central NSW
    Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve
    Pilliga Nature Reserve

    New England Tablelands
    Gibraltar Nature Reserve

    Outback NSW
    Big Bush Nature Reserve
    Lake Urana Nature Reserve
    Boginderra Hills Nature Reserve
    Langtree Nature Reserve
    Buddigower Nature Reserve
    Ledknapper Nature Reserve
    Cocopara Nature Reserve
    Loughnan Nature Reserve
    Coolbadggie Nature Reserve
    Narrandera Nature Reserve
    Goonawarra Nature Reserve
    Nearie Lake Nature Reserve
    Gubbata Nature Reserve
    Nocoleche Nature Reserve
    Ingalba Nature Reserve
    Nombinnie Nature Reserve
    Jerilderie Nature Reserve
    Piliga Nature Reserve
    Kajuligah Nature Reserve
    Pucawan Nature Reserve
    Kemendok Nature Reserve
    Pulletop Nature Reserve
    Round Hill Nature Reserve
    Quanda Nature Reserve
    Tarawi Nature Reserve
    Yanga Nature Reserve
    The Charcoal Tank Nature Reserve
    Yathong Nature Reserve

    State Conservation Areas

    Central NSW
    Mullion Range SCA
    Mount Canobolas SCA

    Hunter/ Mid North Coast
    Barrington Tops SCA

    New England Tablelands
    Butterleaf SCA
    Torrington SCA
    Cataract SCA
    Watsons Creek SCA
    Mount Hyland SCA
    Werrikimbe SCA

    Outback NSW
    Goonoon SCA
    Paroo-Darling SCA
    Gundabooka SCA
    Yanga SCA
    Nombinnie SCA
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    Quote Originally Posted by pphilli5 View Post
    Only 75 parks will be opened. No heritage listed or Wilderness areas will be open. It's good news for hunting in Australia. The more public hunting the better for hunters. If it doesn't it will continue to be smothered.
    Barrington Tops National Park is a World Heritage listed area... Isn't this contradicting with the quote you found?
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    Surely the way the State Forests have been utterly mis-managed is an obvious precedent on what we would now be looking at with the National Parks being opened up?????

    Until there is a system of harvest restriction, true game management for hunters, and enforcement of hunting regulations (and more importantly an ethos that all hunters abide by) the idea is flawed.

    I do not want restriction and regulation, but 'the tragedy of the commons' means they are necessary.
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    My biggest concern is that will open up more problems with property owners, people walking into the back of there properties etc.

    Alot of these mentioned parks are surrounded by private property.

    To me it just opens another big can of worms.

    If it does go ahead, I hope its a strict ballot system!!

    Just my opinion.
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    There doing it now lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by rory View Post

    Until there is a system of harvest restriction, true game management for hunters, and enforcement of hunting regulations (and more importantly an ethos that all hunters abide by) the idea is flawed.
    How do you have "management" in the sense of preserving game numbers and also have access because NP's need "management" in terms of control?
    The opening of the Parks to hunting is but the next step on the road to the integration of hunting into the cultural fabric of Australian society, instead of the road we have been traveling of gradual marginalisation and decline. It is impossible to argue in the current climate of distrust and marginalisation for your version of management, there is just not any support from any portion of the population for the preservation of feral animal numbers for the benefit of hunters (except from hunters themselves). The arguments for preservation will only be listened to by the general public after the normalisation of hunting and hunters in our society. While we remain an outgroup, or the "other", we cannot ask for and expect to receive even a fair hearing of the facts let alone concessions from society that allow us to engage in activities that have been derided and shunned by groups within our national institutions for far too long.

    The idea of free access to all roads for all road users is not flawed is it? We don't see someone doing burnouts in a carpark and then ban all cars from the carpark just because we were not able to prosecute the guys doing the burnouts. Similarly we should not be limited on where we can hunt because some people are already breaking the law and hunting in those areas, or indeed because we can not catch those lawbreakers. After that guy ran over the nurse in front of the hospital recently we didn't hear cries that we should ban the use of the road, or make the road so unnavigable that people would avoid it's use, instead we hear almost silence, just sorrow for the sad outcome. Why then do we hear cries of "ban it" and "regulate it" every time we hear a story about someone stepping outside the law with a firearm or a bow? It is simply because people identify with the car as a part of our society and they don't blame the driver (whether deserving or not) because we are accepting of the cars place in society. Just look at how we see accidents reported, "the pedestrian was hit by the car" as if the car was at fault, not "the asshole run over the pedestrian". But look at the way hunting is portrayed. We don't see it reported like it is an incident where someone broke the law, we see the wielder of the gun called a "gunman" with all the negativity that term engenders and we see that he was "pig hunting" reported as if the very act of hunting made the accused as evil as sin and his law breaking inevitable. One day when hunting becomes accepted again as just a normal part of our wider culture, and there is some stupid prick caught doing something stupid we will see it reported on page 10 down the bottom right next to the story about the kids caught doing burnouts, because people will start to see the lawbreaker as the "other" and the rest of the hunters as part of the wider "ingroup" (law abiding, upstanding citizen).

    Anyway, put simply, this proposal is not about game management, it is about hunter access, and through freer access increasing hunter participation and numbers.
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