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    eating boar meat

    i was reading a backpack thread started by bear and he mentioned that he roasted up the back straps off a boar he shot and someone replied asking the question "can you safely eat boar meat". his reply was not answered so i thought i would start a new thread to try and get your thoughts or advise on eating wild game meat
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    i myself wouldnt eat wild boar, but a young one in the right conditions I would think about, too easy to get a decent pork chop from the shop.
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    i suppose if you check for worms in the organs in meat, also freeze for a week and then cook completely through at over 100c it would be ok, but i think someone with more info and experience should talk. though i would do the above as a minimum and as suggested younger is better i think.
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    we expoert wild boar meat to germany.
    its fine to eat, like all meat if cooked properly.
    all animals have worms, beef chicken... the lot, they all eat off the ground, ever seen a cow eat grass another cow has just finished pooping all over... i have lol.
    pigs arent any more prone to worms than any other meat. other than grain fed beef, as the parameters are a bit more controledd (clean feeder sheds etc)
    barramundi has worms..........

    swamp pigs can taste a bit "swampy"
    mountain boar is great, especially if done on a spit.
    most worms from animalsd are contained in the stoimach and intestines.... dont eat that lol.

    yoiu can check for tuberculosis by checking the lungs and liver for white spots.

    the meat is very nice if cooked right, obviously the smaller younger pigs are nicer, same as any animal, and i reckon the best way is a small young adult, skinned and gutted washed than basted on a spit.

    everywhere else the meat is adored,
    like catfish, the pig has a identity crisis in aus,

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    It's my understanding that pigs aren't nessisarily more prone to disease than other animals, apart from them eating offal, but they are closer to us genetically, which means allot of things they carry can be transferred.

    There has been a fair bit on the forum about this in the past, maybe try the search function, there are some good posts by Jindy on the subject.
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    I think Bear's original post involved eating pig fresh killed on a backpack hunt. In that situation, unable to freeze meat for a week, or only having a open fire to cook over the question is can what you kill be used to supplement your carry in food?
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    provided precautions are taken, and you dont "bank" on killing your own food supply on a hunt, i could see it working well.
    im not a big pork eater, but if i bunnies were up here, i reckon my tape worn would be one happy chappy on a back pack hunt. lol.
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    I eat wild pig on every trip to the gulf, that and fish is my only meat supply, in fact most times the first pig shot is for the table, back fillets off, no freezing or hanging just into the gas fridge and cooked that night. Try and shoot a small pig, but if you need to eat the boar then go ahead. Some of my finest feasts (at home) have been wild pig on the spit, tastes much nicer than the purchased meat I think.

    The butt end of a youngen also goes real well roasted in the BBQ

    It hasn't done me any harm......

    Good luck

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    just look at the offal , liver , kidneys and lungs . if they are sus dont eat . i as a butcher would use the hole pig. from steaks to home made snags n ham . mmmm must start getting the xmas ham ready
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    having venison/wild pig sausages for breakfast,look fat/healthy and shiney coat, done deal..
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