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    Bear Encounter vs PSE Stinger

    Hey guys I'm gonna buy a RTH bow this week just can't make a decision on the PSE Stinger or the Bear Encounter. Which one do u guys think PSE stinger vs Bear Encounter???
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    1. Not the best section to post this... as its accessories... and your not really selling anything... should maybe do it in the "general" section?

    Also... my vote is the PSE Stinger over it, but its all personal really go shoot both "if" you can and see what feels right for you. I like this years stinger in the looks department too... just my opinion would be Stinger. others would be different. its all you.
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    Never shot a stinger, and hear good things about the 3G, but I'm very happy with my Encounter. I nearly bought a stinger but the draw is too short.
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    yeah wrong spot to post this man but iv got a 2011 stinger n love it both for hunting and 3d shoots, small ata, light and packs a punch, mines at 70# n belts a 450gr arrow out real nice.
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    my stingers draws 25-30inch
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    I am only new to archery also and selected the 2012 Stinger 3G as my first bow from Broadside Archery here in Canberra. With Rory's help and guidance I have been able to shoot consistent tight groups and had a successful hunt recently.
    As a first bow I highly recommend the Stinger.

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