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    Doing some work with OnePlanet atm, Australian company that really know their stuff, will keep this resource updated with developments.

    Great thread btw.
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    Backpack Manufacturers and Links **RESOURCE**

    Evening all ... Wilderness equipment from WA , pady Palin both au and comparable to macpac ( I own both macpac and we packs and it's a fit thing between each)

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    Paladin packs
    This guy makes excellent quality custom packs. He hunts too so he understands the needs of backpack hunting. He made a custom pack for me, we spent 5hrs discussing what I wanted and doing sketches of the concept. The finished product is absolutely outstanding I cant recommend his work highly enough
    "If some animals are good at hunting and others are suitable for hunting, then the Gods must clearly smile on hunting." Aristotle
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    Check out this fella, aussie made and owned gear... makes some great gear...
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    I'm with Dr. Cashew - hunted in the NT for longer than I can remember and hydration is always an issue whether in the desert or the tropics. Have always been more than happy with the mil spec Camelbaks (HAWG and MULE in particular). I appreciate most packs are hydration ready but Camelbak seem to have it down to a fine art and the packs themselves do the job too. And its generally day trips out for me then back to camp to do it all again the following day.

    And then there are the 5.11 Tactical Bags and Backpacks:

    Made in China but priced pretty well, comfortable and last as you would expect
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    does anybody here have a stone glacier pack?

    so expensive but they look the goods
    "If some animals are good at hunting and others are suitable for hunting, then the Gods must clearly smile on hunting." Aristotle
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    I bought an Exo Mountain Gear pack but haven't had a chance to use it extensively yet. From the reviews on rokslide it seems to be good for what I wanted to put it through (1 - 3 day backpack hunts).

    Very comfy on my back and hips, but I've only put weight plates in it at home (40kg). Hopefully haul out some meat with it this year to get a better sense for how it goes with that.
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    Geigerrig - for small packs with pressurised hydration bladders
    Karrimor - thats been my dependable bushwalking back pack for over 30 years which I bought secondhand and is still going great !
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