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    Mathews Outback 30" 60-70#

    For Sale:

    2004 Mathews Outback - Right hand, 80% let off, 31.5" ATA

    Draw length - 30" (Draw length is cam specific, draw length can be reduced to 29.5 accepting 65% let off)

    Draw weight - 60-70#

    Condition - 6.5/10 - Bow has one or two chips in the paint on the riser, cosmetic damage only. Limbs and cams have no damage. Mathews logo has faded off the limbs. Custom 'Bling Strings' have only had about 4-5 months use and are still in very good condition.

    Extras - Bow will come with a Large Whisker biscuit (used but still in reasonable condition), 1/4" G5 Meta peep, and 5 pin (0.29" pins) Copper John Dead nutts sight (used but in reasonable condition) and string loop. I am giving these away free with the bow, so if you don't want them I can take them off, but at this stage I will not sell them separate

    Price- $325 TYD

    Comments- The Outback in my opinion is still one of the nicest Mathews bows I have shot, it was the last to feature a draw stop which ensures you have a solid back wall unlike most of the newer Mathews. I honestly thought I would never part with this bow, but with 5 other bows living in the bow cabinet the old girl just doesn't get a run and would be better served being put to good use! Still a great shooter.

    I can take more photos if required for serious buyers.

    Cheers, Tim
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    Awesome bow at a good price, I shot a heap of game with one similar and loved it.
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    Thanks Mozz,

    They are still a nice bow.

    Bow still for sale
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    what sort of speed does it do?
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    IBO is 308 fps. However, it is one of the smoothest drawing bows you are likely to shoot.

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    Bow SPF
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    Dam....would of made a great back up bow.

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