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    Black Beasts on the Frontier (Semi Live) Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 completed.

    Black Beasts on the Frontier

    The fact that I renewed my life insurance before the trip said enough about hunting up north. Deadly Snakes, poisonous Spiders, flesh devouring Crocodiles, trampling scrub bulls and of course, bone crushing Water Buffalo, all a part of the thrill of this hunt.

    My Wife Kim actually lined this hunt up for me while getting her hair done of all things. Just when I thought she couldn’t possibly be more of a babe, she lines up a buffalo hunt, too good to be true.

    We were leaving things a little late for the wet season coming in, but if you don’t mind the heat, obviously the later during the dry season the better. A few storms had been brewing up over the preceding weeks, but our area for hunting still looked good and accessible, as informed by my contact in the hunting area.

    I was joined on the hunt by my friends and keen rifle hunters Aaron and Barry. Aaron would also hunt his first buffalo, as well as a few other species, and also back myself up with the rifle when getting into the danger zone on big game. We were also going to be filming each other hunting. I am currently in the process of putting together footage for a Hunting Series and DVD Production. Barry would be aiming for his best buffalo and was also keen to have a couple of keen southerners join him in this unspoiled paradise.

    For the purpose the bowhunting exclusive media productions, I’ll just be recounting the trip with my game, but for anyone interested I believe Barry will be writing and article on Aaron and his own downed game for Vic Attard’s Big Game Australia magazine, as they took some incredible game along the way.

    It was a hefty effort to get to our destination, but a few flights later and a few days of traveling into remote areas of Northern Territory, we reached what could only be described as a wild frontier filled with nature’s wild beasts. A paradise for hunters and bushmen alike.

    I felt like we had ventured into the late 70’s as we set the binoculars over a plain of brown grass with a watercourse through it on the drive in. Grazing and wallowing buffalo spread out across the area far and wide, there was possibly 60 beast in view including a good bull. Aaron and I stood in awe on top of the escarpment cliffs looking over an unforgettable sight before continuing on to see the landowner to confirm we had arrived safely. We dropped of some supplies in appreciation for the access to the land and then it was game on. We had arrived and we were going to be chasing buffalo in this wide space of land.

    Day One Afternoon

    Out on the bone dry edge of a Pandanas swamp, we spotted a large bull, which absolutely looked just like a black tank with horns. This was my first up close and first impression and what and impression that fine best made. They are actually a very pretty animal with unique facial features and white socks.

    I was super keen and ecstatic to be heading in for my first stalk on a Buffalo. Aaron followed in on my footsteps with the video in his hand and rifle over the shoulder. The ground was littered with crunching, loud, dead leaves, which made stalking very difficult until I hit a game trail of bull dust and followed it along towards the bull, that was still a good two hundred meters away.

    Eventually, I had to leave the game trail to close the gap on the big buff, but not before letting a wild stallion walk between the bull and myself. I crossed the leaf litter covered ground when leaving the trail, every step felt like it sounded like a piece of 4x2 hard wood being snapped beside my ear, such was my awareness and heightened sense of what was happening around me.

    Whenever the bull had its head down feeding or walking, I moved as it too was making a lot of noise when busy. Fifty meters felt close, but I continued on and moved into a deep washout. From there I moved closer, crouched over and out of sight before popping back up at 35 meters. I was looking for the right angle and placement for my arrow, which I had studied a lot before the trip.

    I drew back as the bull angled away and released. I was consumed and totally excited as it soaked up the arrow high in the heart. The bull spun as the arrow slipped out through the opposite shoulder. That tank with horns was now square onto my position and trampling ground straight towards me, the bull veered and ran past me at just meters before crashing to the ground. After a few minutes I stalked up on the downed bull and watched it to make sure its chest wasn’t moving. My first buffalo and a beautiful big bull at that, 44 inches tip to tip, 92 + Douglas Points.

    In the harsh heat we had to jump on the field preparation of the cape. This is where the real hard effort comes in when securing a trophy buffalo in these conditions. It’s certainly made easier when there is a few hunters to help cape and carry out the hulking beasts precious trophy. The skull and hide needed every bit of strength of two men to carry back with many stops on the return.

    My first afternoon in the Never Never was one I will never forget, the remote Northern Territory truly is a playground for anyone seeking wild adventures.

    First Bull sneak peak video
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    Still living the dream Adam and it looks like you have the wife on side as well. Don't know about the rifle back up though, Crocodile Dundee never needed one.
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    great shot and great report Adam, cant wait to see and hear more about the trip!
    70# Mathews Z7 Extreme 25 DL
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    Nock on Ads! Love the look of the bull
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    Nice bull and a great pic, looking forward to the rest of the trip.
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    What a great start to the trip! A ripper Buff and I'm sure we are all eagerly await the next installment.
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    great stuff top bull look forward to more cheers
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    A really nice Buff Adam,
    Congrats on another premier game animal to fall to your arrows.
    What was your bow poundage and arrow combination??
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    Black Beasts on the Frontier (Semi Live) Day 1, 2

    Day 2

    We started early with breakfast in the dark of morning and headed out glassing buffalo herds and lone bulls out along the high flats, grazing on white grass. The landscape yet again was a marvelous sight to behold, with white gum trees and an array termite mounds. The best sight through it all though is seeing grazing buffalo. Could the place high in the sky be better than this?

    We glassed the herds and lone bulls and while there were some great bulls amongst them, none of them were bigger than what I had already taken and we moved on.

    We set off on a massive walk in the stinking hot heat of day, out to a creek in no man’s land. We eventually reached the creek looking over a few buffalo on the way. We thought that we’d get some relief from the heat in the creek, but the water was hotter than the air, which was above 40 Celsius. All you could do to cool down was drench yourself in the creek and sit out under the shade of a tree in the hope of the breeze cooling your skin as it passed through the damp of your clothing. I ended up digging a hole in the sand to reach cool water and also buried some water in a bottle for drinking, which all worked well.

    We headed west along the creek and spotted a good boar that had stood up from its bed in the shade of the creek bank. I quickly followed it up from above the creeks’ steep bank and closed the gap on the boar before putting an arrow down into the kill zone securing him in a mess of mud and sand.

    Not much further down the creek I glassed an old cow buffalo lying in the water with her calf. After gaining some ground on the cow, what I thought was a calf buffalo, was a massive big old tusky boar. I kept hidden behind the bank of the creek and stalked over directly above the boar and drilled it from five meters, straight down into the heart.

    The water exploded as the boar ran on dead legs to the other side of the creek where it crashed. The buffalo stirred from the commotion, before simply aiming me up and charging me, as I was well within its comfort zone.

    I came to full draw and held the pins between the cows eyes as she stopped just in front of me. Not being able to climb the bank to get me, the cow backed up and charged again, this time I didn’t want to find out if she would make it up the bank on her second try and I dropped the pin into the front of the chest and released. This just about took the cow off her feet, as she stumbled and turned to run as I set another arrow for launch.

    As the cow turned back towards me, I put the next arrow through the lungs, “BANNGGG!” Aaron didn’t want to see if she would carry the two shots far enough to get back to me either, as the back up rang out seconds after my shot to make sure she was done to limit the risk. She was gone, but it was definitely a better to be safe than sorry moment and it certainly a hunt memory that will stay drilled in my mind as one of greater flurries of action I have had the privilege to have been a part of.

    Day 2 video sneak peak
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    Excellent write up and pics, thanks Adam.
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