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    Quote Originally Posted by Outbackbowhunter View Post

    Thats what people are taking issue with. Supporting other hunters is a fine sentiment, but I guess it just comes down to ones personal definition of what a hunter is.

    So when those guys in Tas that talked down bowhunters said that "those bowhunter guys aren't really hunters, they are all just wanker poachers in waiting out to maim deer" it was all just no big deal because it was all just about their "personal definition of what a hunter is"? You think the guy is a wanker, so you think it is fine to talk what he did down and disown it as hunting. The anti's think you are a wanker so you must think their campaign to stop you from hunting is okay because it is all about their personal definition of animal cruelty.

    When you look at the anti websites you find them quoting hunters talking down other hunters "look even other hunters think they are ********s" and using the quotes as the basis of their appeals to the authorities to restrict YOUR hunting. They use our own disunity as a weapon against us, they don't have to talk down various forms of hunting to make inroads, they can just point to hunters doing that and let the hunters just do all the heavy lifting for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deer'R'Us View Post
    Is hunting demeaned when it is only about collecting something in the shortest time possible? It is fine to be a collector of inanimate objects such as paintings, cars or whatever, but should a living animal be treated as something to be merely collected? There doesn't seem to be much respect for the animal in all that.
    What about other trophy hunters? People go on guided pig hunts all the time and take nothing from the pigs but their trophy tusks, are all those guys showing a lack of "respect" for the pigs? How about all those guys that shoot scrub bulls, or all those billy goats.
    Respect for the animal is what happens before the thing is killed (we all make an effort to hunt without cruelty, and I bet that deer had an awesome life compared to a wild deer), after it is dead it seems anything goes, as it should be, they aren't people.
    See what I am saying, once you start you are traveling down the same road as the anti's, looking for differences between hunters rather than commonality.
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    I do understand, and agree with what Jindy is getting at, it is a very fine line. Many, many hunters from differing styles are guilty of criticising one an anothers hunting methods, which, is just wrong and will never do us, as a collective group, any good.

    For me though, it is not hunting, nor are the individuals hunters.

    Deer'R'us, it really doesn't paint hunters in a different light to the ferals, as they hate us, full stop. They are grubs that refuse to except anyone else's way of life, they do not understand tolerance, as this would get in the way of the ideological view of how the world should run.

    Isn't gamepark styled hunting illegal, at this stage, in NSW?
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    I walked in to my local newsagency the other day and picked up that issue of BHDU, "the world record sambar" article instantly caught my eye, with my self being a passionate stalker of sambar with the bow along with many other species. After a 30 sec glance at the article instantley giving away that the stag was shot somewhere in a pen etc, the mag went back on the shelf and i left some what dissapointed, but not surprised. As i know from experience what it takes to be successful on taking samber deer or any species for that matter ethically with a bow, i new such huge claims that the front cover claimed had huge shoes to fill, once i glanced the actual article, and i was dissapointed as i was excited to think by such claims that a bloke like my self very- passionate, persistant, patient etc may of been lucky enough to earn such a trophy for his hard earned efforts in a free range true wild area. I spent 3 years of hard hunting and learning on blocks far from being rich with game to put my first fallow buck on the deck, and i would of waited another 3 years to be lucky enough to take him. this to me is bow-hunting, and my idea of a true, ethical form of hunting, but i guess these days many people have different oppinions of what is right and what isnt. I certainly hope not to be put in the same basket from the general public eye though. cheers
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    I've been called many names by diverse peoples and it does not worry me......:), and when it comes down to it, the only type of respect that counts is self.

    You have a belief in hunter solidarity, which is fine in principle, but I dont believe it always works. To some extent, we are also judged by the company we keep..........

    And what has Tasmania's rifle hunters who had there own self interest agenda against bowhunters interests, got to do with a wealthy American who has bought himself a new bow shot "world record Sambar " :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clayto View Post
    I certainly hope not to be put in the same basket from the general public eye though. cheers
    You already are, you hunt. This is why hunters looking to parse themselves away from other hunters in the hope it will change peoples opinions of them is all about how you look at yourself, not how you are viewed by others. What it does though is create division that anti's can use to their own ends, a division that doesn't exist in the public's view until it is pointed out by the anti's complete with quotes from "hunters" who are on the anti's side to bolster their argument. The general public don't even look at those mags, they mostly don't care, the bulk of the angst and hand wringing is contained within the bowhunting community.

    Anyway, if I haven't made my point by now I never will ...........
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    At the end of the day the only thing here that counts is that what he did was legal and ethical. If you choose not to rank the trophy by your own benchmarks, then that is your personal choice to make, but that does not change the DP score, which stands on its own merit. As an example, does a 40" billy taken during a guided hunt from a hunting concession/property that is specifically managed for, and holds a large number of trophy class animals record a higher DP score than a 30" billy taken from a property that is heavily mustered and controlled by a landowner who is extremely guarded about who he lets on - of course it does. However, the smaller animal probably means more to the individual who put in the effort over a number of months/years to gain access to the property and find it.
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    great head ... no doubt, but i would prefer a ratty one antlerer head that i found in the bush stalked and took all by myself.
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    no getting into this argument but i agree with ben it does not look like a pure sambar looks like the body of a rusa with skinny sambar shaped antlers. but if hunting on a property that has fences on it guess im guilty of shooting behind wire because the last goat i shot was 150 yards from a the end of the day we have all paid to shot something no dout.
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    anyone got a picture?
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