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    Super Tune Your Hunting Rig

    Spoiler, one can tune a bow without yokes only by moving the rest and playing with different spined arrows. You are bound by the cam lean which is the result of the cables pulling on the cam axles and the design of the limbs, axle spacers, geometry of the riser, etc. With a fixed yoke system one can almost always modify the cam lean, which includes the idler wheel on single cam bows. I've had all the different types of bows over the past 24 years and some shot open blade heads fine and others I had to resort to mechanical heads. Since I started shooting overdrive binary's and tuning them I've not had an arrow that I could not get to shoot straight with any head on. But then I like to play around until everything falls into place :)
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    Super Tune Your Hunting Rig

    I think most of is like to play that is why we are here sharing new and exciting ways to tinker with our gear.

    Not arguing with what you have said with respect to yokes giving you another options to tune out the effects of cam lean. Also understand that this is done by having the option to remove the lean by adding or removing twists from one side of the yoke or the other. Do this on my top cam on the PSE, K and K and idler wheel Pearson single cam. There are ways to lessen the cam lean but as you say playing with rests, arrow spine and nocking point are needed to counter the impact of the lean. But isn't this just what tuning is about.

    I have always liked the idea of the Overdrive Binary double yoke system. I just am not a fan of Bowtech the company. I have an issue with a company that produces a product and then when the finish chips they do not fix and then even continue to use the same substandard process in following years. I like my bows finish to stay on the bow. Heck I have a few Kolourfusion bows that have not chipped when the bow has been knocked. Happy to spend some extra time tuning if it means the bow stays pretty. Just a personal opinion is all. :)
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